January 2007

You SHOULD have a look at this.

Again, I’ve found this on Digg.com.

This shows you an overview of the most dangerous roads in the world. Just check out the walkway in China (I have never seen something like this before)! http://thrillingwonder.blogspot.com/2006/11/most-dangerous-roads-in-world.html


Again we've had a few nice projects within Europe.
One in Zurich (Zwitserland) and one in Glasgow (UK) this week.

In the plane to Glasgow I was sitting one row before the tour manager of
the famous Willie Nelson!!!

He is playing in Glasgow (SECC) on january 28.


Nice he!

Just check this cartoon out!
Original can be found on: http://idrewthis.org/d/20040402.html

Pretty cool feature;

This page shows REALTIME flight traffic, in combination with sound levels on the ground.


Just came back home from a business trip from Saudi Arabia.
Again it was very useful, we've kicked off another project, the biggest
so far!

Hello everybody,

Since it makes sense having a blog these days (everybody has it) I’ve decided to create my own.

You are always welcome to share your feedback by means of the comments.