September 2007

Just check this out, and find that this picture is NOT animated!

Click on the picture below:


I had a nice trip to the Middle East again.

You’ll not find this road sign on many places in the world.

Camel Roadsign

Then, on the way back home we had a MARVELOUS start of the flight, just over the center of Dubai AND the Islands!

The Islands!

For the first time in my life I’ve visited Portugal last week.

Our company had a meeting in Lisbon.

Didn’t see a lot of the city, but I found out they have a bridge similar to Golden Gate!

Lisbon’s Golden Gate

On august 30, Esther and I married!

We had a wonderful day, with our complete family and lot’s of friends!

The weather was excellent and MANY people visited our wedding ceremony and our party!

We will never forget this marvelous day!