October 2007

If you are ever in Lisbon and you like nice restaurants, visit ‘KAIS’.

Restaurant Kais is housed in a late XIX century old warehouse, by the riverside, which was used to genarate energy for Portuguese trams that still work in our days. The warehouse was fully recovered and is now one of the most beautiful restaurants you will ever see.



Hi Folks,

Last week, before jumping into an airplane I bought the following book on Schiphol airport.

I can tell you, it’s a MUST read for everybody in IT, it’s the story about Google. While reading the book, you realize that the success of Google.com is not just luck . . .

The book: The Google Story by David A. Vise


I recently bought a joystick for my flight simulator, but this guy takes it real serious; he has build a $30,000 Jumbo Jet Simulator in his Bedroom!

Click on the image to read the whole story.

Lucky me, I was in the UK for two weeks in a row (but I was the weekend at home)! I’ve decided to enter the famous big wheel and I can tell you: it IS really high! We had one of the best evenings of the year, no clouds and a super nice view.

View from the London Wheel