January 2008

For my US friends! The Dutch ‘www.stemwijzer.nl’ now also covers the candidates for the upcoming presidential elections.

I went through the 25 questions and this is my result . . . I knew it would be on the democratic end and Edwards somehow sounds right!


Go and try yourself:

Link to www.stemwijzer.nl


Returning from Madrid this week, I’ve captured some cool pictures from the sunset above France.

Click on the link to see more:

From 01-2008 Madrid

Hi folks,

The year started as the old one ended: busy with work, and a lot of projects to finish!

New Initiative.

Besides this busy time at work, my and a friend will launch a new initiative soon 😉

Stay tuned for more news!


Secondly, I’ve starting to use MicroSoft OneNote and I tell you: what a supertool!

I now use it for all my notes, testfiles, to-do lists etc . .

Try it!!


May 2008 bring you all the best, and most important health!