May 2008

Now have a look at this! Somebody walking through the famous ‘El Caminito Del Rey’ in Spain!

Take just a few minutes to enjoy this video!

Let’s HIKE!

Officially the track is closed (you can see why) but you can still ignore the fence and climb over it.


Incredible story;

Don’t take it too serieus, but somehow this guy is right.

Live from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)! has been slow for the last 3 weeks because of HOLIDAYS!!!

We are getting ready for a (+/- 11 hour) flight back to Amsterdam.

The trip was more than excellent. The USA has some beautyfull National Parks, as somebody said, a treasure for the world. And I fully agree.

More to follow soon, including some very cool pictures!

Hereby a small sample of a great afternoon in Antelope Canyon.