July 2008

Hans Kloppert is touring through the USA again, preparing some excellent food for the members of one of the world’s best Drum and Bugle corps: the Blue Devils.

Check out his blog:

Hans, good luck in the states and keep up the good work!


Travelling is much fun if you have you eyes ‘open’ and a camera at hand.

Last week, I’ve captured the world biggest plane, this week I ran into a Zeppelin at Stuttgart Airport.

It was just landing at the Zeppelin spot on the airport.

It’s possible to buy a ticket via:  http://www.zeppelinflug.de/seiten/E/default.htm

From 2008-07 Germa…


We’ve visited Robben Island, when coming home I immediately read the book “Long Walk To Freedom“, and the result: we are convinced; Nelson Mandela is the greatest man in the world.

Madiba: congratulations!

Found this picture via digg.com;

A beautyfull sight from Burj Dubai, the highest construction in the world;

Hello all,

I’m trying to work on the picture backlog I have.

I was uploading several pictures yesterday of business travels in 2007.

The rest will follow soon. Look at https://basvanbreugel.wordpress.com/pictures/

I came back from Dublin today (thank god the radar did work this time) and on Schiphol airport we could see the biggest airplane in the world: the Antonov 225.

Hereby my picture (made with the mobile phone) the Antonov is standing close a to 747 and it is huge.

Appearantly the aircraft was scheduled to fly out this week but it got a flat tire!

I found the following movie on Youtube, the approach of the Antonov a few days ago;

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