August 2008

And guess? Again a news item around Dubai!

On Gizmodo, I’ve found some great pictures from Dubai, including the Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world which is almost complete. The height is currently at least 636 meters, nobody still knows the final height at the end of the project!

It’s truly amazing how fast and effective they are ‘producing’ these kind of extreme buildings. The last time I saw the construction site (last year) it was already extremely bigĀ  . . . now have a look at this:


All fans be aware! Starbucks will come to Amsterdam Central Station!

First new shop will open in spring of 2009 in the renewed Amsterdam Central station. In parallel, Starbucks is working on plans to extend the shops to major train stations in The Netherlands!

For dutch details see:

I like Vista, I’m running it since a lot of months and it works perfect.

I bought it with a new PC and everything works super!

Some people complain about Vista, my idea is that they don’t know what they talk about.

Here is the proof:

If you disagree with me, please comment!