February 2009

I get more and more respect for what THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN writes,

Again the following column is amazingly ‘on the spot’!

Read the whole article: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/01/opinion/01friedman.html

That may be President Obama’s most important bailout task: to educate the country that there is no easy escape here, except taking our medicine, getting our fundamentals right again and working our way out of this, brick by brick, by getting back to making money — what was that old Smith Barney ad? — “the old-fashioned way” — by earning it.


Hi all,

I’m just uploading more travel pictures (business travels).


Hi folks, despite the trouble on the financial market, our business is super busy. Had two ‘long trips’: 1 week South Africa and 1 week Dubai.

We had a blast, good customer responses and perfect weather!

Photos will follow soon!