March 2009

Imagine, driving on the German ‘Autobahn’, typically a ‘little bit’ more speed than normal in The Netherlands and the car starts to shake a bit.
The car was a Fiat, so I thought that these vehicles were not prepared to the high speed . . . within a few seconds I saw a lot of smoke behind me, realizing that this could come from my car made be slow down, the car handling got worse and I ended up stopping carefully.
The reason for this all; a REAL flat tire:


Read this post, isn’t Thomas L. Friedman totally right?

From NYT: Reading the news that General Motors and Chrysler are now lining up for another $20 billion or so in government aid — on top of the billions they’ve already received or requested — leaves me with the sick feeling that we are subsidizing the losers and for only one reason: because they claim that their funerals would cost more than keeping them on life support. Sorry, friends, but this is not the American way. Bailing out the losers is not how we got rich as a country, and it is not how we’ll get out of this crisis.

See his original post: