Hans Rosling, a great presenter when it comes to data analysis.

He predicts that India and China will catch up with the western economies by 2048 (based on income per person). The data behind his prediction is most interesting. Many people are ‘worried’ about the power of Asia, this video shows exactly where India and China are compared to the UK and US.

Have a look at the TED video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More data can be found on (owned by Google).


I get more and more respect for what THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN writes,

Again the following column is amazingly ‘on the spot’!

Read the whole article:

That may be President Obama’s most important bailout task: to educate the country that there is no easy escape here, except taking our medicine, getting our fundamentals right again and working our way out of this, brick by brick, by getting back to making money — what was that old Smith Barney ad? — “the old-fashioned way” — by earning it.

People please take note about this:

Why do we allow this???

Imagine what else we could do with all this money . . . and in the end . . . do you really think the bailouts work? Why is the crisis still continuing then?

We had an excellent trip to Iceland, the land of water, wind, fire, glaciers, the basics of life.

During the trip I started to read a book: “The World is Flat”.

Already the way I bought the book is amazing; I met a man and his son during a trainride from the airport. He was visiting ‘Den Haag’ because his son was playing football and he was invited to train with the ‘Den Haag’ team. Pretty cool for the guy!

The we’ve discussed ‘the world’ today and he pointed me to this book. I felt I had to read it and bought it the same week.

Then starting the holidays to Iceland I began reading, I’m not finished yet but I tell you: this is amazing.

Thomas Friedman, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Lexus and the Olive Tree, attempts to take readers through “A brief history of the Twenty-First Century”. He explains in a full detail how the world has changed over the last years, pushed by the internet, netscape, optical wires etc . . .

I realise that the world indeed gets flatter every day.

Order it, read it and realize this guy is totally right!

And guess? Again a news item around Dubai!

On Gizmodo, I’ve found some great pictures from Dubai, including the Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world which is almost complete. The height is currently at least 636 meters, nobody still knows the final height at the end of the project!

It’s truly amazing how fast and effective they are ‘producing’ these kind of extreme buildings. The last time I saw the construction site (last year) it was already extremely big  . . . now have a look at this:

All fans be aware! Starbucks will come to Amsterdam Central Station!

First new shop will open in spring of 2009 in the renewed Amsterdam Central station. In parallel, Starbucks is working on plans to extend the shops to major train stations in The Netherlands!

For dutch details see:

Hans Kloppert is touring through the USA again, preparing some excellent food for the members of one of the world’s best Drum and Bugle corps: the Blue Devils.

Check out his blog:

Hans, good luck in the states and keep up the good work!

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